Stylist Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Auburn

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Just took my 1 year old and my 3 year old to get a hair cut at sportsclip in auburn. I usually always take them there for their hair cuts. I'm so upset because this time the lady that did my 3 year olds hair was obviously not as professional as I expected. She kept yelling at him to stay still and to look a certain direction. She was so demanding! When it was time to line him up she clearly was nervous and she kept telling him to stay still, mind me he was on my phone so was still. But because she was pulling and pushing his head he's reaction is to pull away. What does a three year old do when u pull him toward you? Clearly pulls the opposite direction. Another stylist interrupted and said if he won't stay still they could finish his cut. This has NEVER happened!! I'm so disappointed with sportsclip in auburn. Specially with this stylist. Honestly speaking I don't think I'm ever coming here again!!!! SMH

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